Private John Meigs Commers

Service Number: 289848

Birth and Early Life:
John Commers was a native of Winchester, Tennessee.

Enlistment and Boot Camp:
Commers enlisted on July 30, 1940; after completing boot camp at Parris Island and Sea School at the Norfolk Navy Yard, he joined the crew of the USS Quincy on April 14, 1941.

Wartime Service:
Private Commers sailed across the Atlantic with the Quincy on convoy escort and patrol duty until March, 1942, when the cruiser stopped at the New York Navy Yard for a refit. They were ordered to join the Pacific Fleet via the Panama Canal, and from California sailed for New Zealand to prepare for the invasion of Guadalcanal. Commers’ duties aboard the ship are not known, but he was likely a crewman on one of the ship’s 5-inch antiaircraft guns, as was the case with most Marines.

Date Of Loss:
Commers was killed when his cruiser was sunk by enemy fire in the predawn hours of August 9, 1942. He was one of thousands of Americans lost in the battle of Savo Island; his ship would be one of the first on the bottom of “Iron Bottom Sound.”

Next Of Kin:
Mother, Mrs. Lena Commers

Status Of Remains:
Lost at sea

Manila American Cemetery and Memorial, Philippines.

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