Second Lieutenant Arthur Deane Gutman

Arthur Gutman, 1941. Photo from the Syracuse University Onondagan Yearbook.

Service Number: O-008134

Birth and Early Life:
Arthur Gutman was born around 1920 in Lynbrook, New York; he was the son of musician Arthur H. Gutman and his wife, Helen. Gutman attended Syracuse University, and graduated with the class of 1941 with a degree in forestry.

Enlistment and Boot Camp:
Gutman joined the Marine Corps after finishing college. With his education, he was chosen for officer training at the Basic School at Indiantown Gap, Pennsylvania, and then at the Philadelphia Navy Yard.

Wartime Service:
The newly-commissioned Second Lieutenant Gutman traveled to New York in April, 1942; after a brief period with the Navy Yard guard detachment, he joined the crew of the USS Quincy as assistant legal officer and commander of the 5-inch antiaircraft batteries. He had a lot to learn as a brand-new shavetail, and little time in which to learn it – the Quincy departed not long after he joined, sailing for California, New Zealand, and then on to Guadalcanal. Gutman’s batteries cut their teeth against Japanese air attacks on August 8, 1942; after a full day, most were fast asleep in their racks as soon as they were released from duty.

Date Of Loss:
At 0155, August 9, 1942, Quincy was surprised by a Japanese fleet as she patrolled the waters near Savo Island. The battle was over almost before it began; within twenty minutes, Quincy was a blazing hulk. She rolled over and sank at 0238; one of the 370 men lost aboard her was Arthur Gutman.

Next Of Kin:
Wife, Mrs. Arthur Gutman (1)

Status Of Remains:
Lost at sea

Manila American Cemetery and Memorial, Philippines.
(1) The name of Mrs Gutman is not known, nor is the date of her marriage. At the time of Arthur’s death, she was living in Valdosta, Georgia.

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