Private John Dario Vivio

John Vivio, 1942.

Photo source

Service Number: 343857

Birth and Early Life:
John Vivio was born around the year 1922, and was raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Enlistment and Boot Camp:
Vivio enlisted on January 6, 1942; he was assigned to the Marine detachment of the cruiser USS Quincy that spring.

Wartime Service:
Private Vivio arrived aboard the Quincy just before the cruiser set out for the Pacific Fleet. He had served as a clerk at the New York Navy Yard and may have performed similar duties while at sea; it is likely that he also was a crew member for one of the ship’s 5-inch secondary batteries. He saw his first action on August 7, 1942, when the Quincy supported the Marine landings on Guadalcanal.

Date Of Loss:
John Vivio was lost when the Quincy sank off Guadalcanal during the battle of Savo Island, August 9, 1942. His remains were never found.

Next Of Kin:
Father, Mr. John Vivio

Status Of Remains:
Lost at sea

Manila American Cemetery and Memorial, Philippines.

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