Second Lieutenant Carl Ives Schuessler

Carl Schuessler, 1942

Photo source

Service Number: O-009308

Birth and Early Life:
Carl was born on August 26, 1916; his parents, Joseph and Charlotte “Lottie” Schuessler were residents of Columbus, Georgia.

Enlistment and Boot Camp:
Schuessler probably enlisted in the Marine Corps in 1941; he was chosen for flight training and qualified to become a Naval Aviation Pilot. He received a commission to Second Lieutenant and an assignment to VMO-251, a Marine reconnaissance squadron.

Wartime Service:
In July, 1942, Schuessler and Second Lieutenant William Kirby were given an unusual assignment – they would be flying a Curtiss SOC-2 floatplane off the cruiser USS Vincennes.

Vincennes’ sister ship, USS Astoria, launches one of her floatplanes in 1942.

U.S. Navy photo from Naval History and Heritage Command collection NH-97592, linked from

Schuessler saw his first combat action during the landings on Guadalcanal; his floatplane buzzed above the beaches, calling in targets for the cruiser’s main batteries.

Date Of Loss:
Lieutenant Schuessler was killed shortly after midnight on August 9, 1942. His ship was surprised by a strong Japanese force; the hangar, with its fragile planes and flammable fuel, was hit on the second salvo and was turned into a raging inferno. If he was not already at his station, Carl Schuessler probably died on his way there; his remains were never found.

Next Of Kin:
Mother, Mrs. Lottie Schuessler

Status Of Remains:
Lost at sea

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