Major Arthur B. Barrows

Service Number: O-005306

Birth and Early Life:
Arthur Barrows was born in Columbus, Ohio in 1915. His father William was a professor at Ohio State University; both Arthur and his older brother, William Junior, attended the school. Arthur was a member of the Pershing Rifles drill team, and after his graduation in 1936, was offered a commission in the Marine Corps.

Enlistment and Boot Camp:
Second Lieutenant Barrows attended training at the Philadelphia Navy Yard until March, 1937. He was posted to the Marine Detachment of the USS Chicago.

Service Prior to 1941:
Barrows was aboard the Chicago until July 1938, when he went ashore in Washington State. He became a detachment officer with Guard Company #1 at Puget Sound Navy Yard, and was promoted to First Lieutenant in August, 1939.

Lieutenant Barrows spent all of 1940 and half of 1941 as a platoon leader with the Sixth Marines in San Diego. Around June of that year, he came aboard the USS St. Louis as commander of the Marine detachment and the ship’s Intelligence officer.

Wartime Service:
Arthur Barrows was aboard the St. Louis on December 7, 1941; his ship was moored close to the harbor entrance and escaped the Japanese attack after shooting down an enemy bomber. For the first months of 1942, following his promotion to captain, Barrows and the St. Louis performed escort duty up and down the west coast of the United States. The cruiser was sent to Alaska in May to defend the Aleutian Islands against Japanese invasion.

Date Of Loss:
On August 15, 1942, Captain Barrows was officially detached from the USS St. Louis. He and thirteen other servicemen boarded a Navy aircraft in Kodiak, Alaska. They planned to stop over in Whitehorse before continuing on to Seattle. Three aircraft took off on the first leg of the trip, but soon became separated in bad weather. Only two touched down in Whitehorse; the aircraft carrying Barrows was missing. No trace of the aircraft, its crew, or passengers was ever found despite intense search efforts. (1)

Barrows was posthumously promoted to major when he was declared dead, one year and one day after his disappearance.

Next Of Kin:
Wife, Mrs. Lois M. Barrows

Status Of Remains:
Lost over Alaska

National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific, Honolulu.
(1) Those missing on Barrows’ aircraft were:
• Commander Joyce A. Ralph (age 42, Baltimore MD) – commanding Destroyer Division 82
• Lt. Commander Burton Lee Doggett (age 41, Charleston SC) – assignment unknown
• Lt. Commander Jerome H. Sparbo (age 38, Hopkins IN) – aircraft pilot, VR-2.
• Lt. Commander Paul H. Tobelman (age 38, Los Angeles CA) – commanding officer, USS Dent
• Lt. Joseph A. Crook (age 26, Jackson TN) – USS St. Louis, en route to duty at Naval Academy, Anapolis.
Lt. Thomas E. Johnson, Jr. (age 34, McKenney VA) – chaplain, station unknown
Lt. (j.g.) Thomas G. Cherikos (age 24, St. Louis MO) – stationed at Dutch Harbor
Lt. (j.g.) Charles E. Deterding (age 25, Lowellville OH) – USS St. Louis, en route to duty with USS Boise.
Lt. (j.g.) Jay A. Noble, Jr. (age 25, Lockport NY) – USS St. Louis, en route to training at Naval Reserve Aviation Base.
Ensign Charles Lynwood Mixon (age 24, Pineville LA) – a naval aviator.
ACRM Charles E. Barber (age 32, Alexandria VA) – aircraft crew, VR-2.
ACRM H. A. Scott (age 41, San Diego CA) – aircraft crew, VR-2.
AMM2c C. O. Walton (age 25, Alameda CA) – aircraft crew, VR-2.

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