Private Barry Justin Arnold

Insignia of VMSB-232, the Red Devils.
Insignia of VMSB-232, the Red Devils.


Service Number: 331529

Birth and Early Life:
Barry Arnold was born in Canada around 1922. He was raised in Minneapolis, Minnesota, by his parents Elgin and Leona. (1)

Enlistment and Boot Camp:
Arnold enlisted on December 16, 1941 – six days after the attack on Pearl Harbor. He was rushed through boot camp at MCRD San Diego; one month after enlisting he qualified as an expert rifleman, graduated, and was posted to Aircraft Engineering Squadron 23.

Wartime Service:
Private Arnold joined the headquarters squadron of MAG-23 in April, 1942. He was assigned to VMSB-232, a dive-bomber squadron known as the Red Devils, where he put his marksmanship to use as a radioman-gunner on a Douglas Dauntless. In training, and in missions flown in combat over Guadalcanal, Arnold flew with Second Lieutenant Yale Kaufman.

Date Of Loss:
Arnold and Kaufman were flying the afternoon patrol on September 14, 1942, when their Dauntless dive bomber crashed into the sea. No remains or traces of their aircraft were found.

Next Of Kin:
Mother, Mrs. Leona Arnold

Status Of Remains:
Lost at sea

Manila American Cemetery and Memorial, Philippines.
(1) Some records record Private Arnold’s name as “Justin Barry Arnold.”

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