Captain Joseph Abraham Krohn


krohn signature

Service Number: 0-006874

Birth and Early Life:
Joseph Krohn was born in Missouri on June 18, 1918. His father, Dr. Morris Krohn, established a practice in Denver in the early 1920s, and the family – Morris, Florence, and Joseph – relocated to Colorado. Dr. Krohn’s practice did well enough for the family to employ a maid and send Joseph to college.

Enlistment and Boot Camp:
Krohn joined the Marine Corps Reserve on May 31, 1938. He was appointed a Private First Class in the 12th Reserve District before his acceptance to the Western Platoon Leader’s Class of 1938, formed at the Marine Corps base in San Diego. He would live and train in San Diego until receiving his commission on August 20, 1940.

Service Prior to World War II:
In 1941, Krohn attended additional schooling as a Marine officer, and in September was assigned as the leader of Third Platoon, Company C, First Battalion, Second Marines. He was moved up to company executive officer in October, and at the time of Pearl Harbor was commanding his battalion’s Headquarters company.

Wartime Service:
On January 19, 1942, Second Lieutenant Krohn returned to Company C, Second Marines as its commander. He was promoted to First Lieutenant on April 11, but six days later was relegated to the position of company executive officer, ceding command to a Captain William Vasconcellos. Within weeks, he was reassigned to the Headquarters and Service Company of the 2nd Marine Division as a liaison.

In July, 1942, Krohn was sent to the USS Wasp on temporary assignment. The reasons for his transfer are unknown; he may have been learning the workings of naval air support to serve on the ground as an aviation liaison.

Date Of Loss:
Captain Krohn was killed in action on September 15, 1942, when the Wasp was hit by torpedoes from Japanese submarine I-19. His station and the details of his death are unknown, but he went down with the carrier.

Next Of Kin:
Father, Dr. Morris J. Krohn

Status Of Remains:
Lost at sea

Manila American Cemetery and Memorial, Philippines.

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