When I put MissingMarines on temporary hiatus about a year ago, I very cleverly thought to myself, “I’ll set up a new email address, so people can contact me and I can keep answering questions and adding new information!” So I did.

And then promptly forgot to set up any sort of mail forwarding.

And then forgot to check the email inbox.

Until yesterday. Let’s just say there was a bit of a backlog.

So: if you sent me an email a long, long time ago, I’m very sorry for the delay in replying (but have replied to all; check your inboxes!) The forwarding problem took two seconds to fix, so is no longer a terrible black hole into which messages vanish, never to be read or replied to. It works. Really it does.

Among the messages I received were some incredible photos, which will make their way to the correct places on the site – but for now, here they are.


PFC Joseph Francis Smith (F/2/5th Marines), killed in action near the Matanikau River, November 3, 1942.
Photo courtesy of Lorna Smith Davila


Osea Alexander Audette (F/2/2nd Marines) was killed in action at Tarawa, November 20, 1943.
Photo courtesy of Heather Mayhan

Charles Lawrence McNeil (B/1/8th Marines)
First Lieutenant McNeil of Knoxville, Tennessee, was mortally wounded at Tarawa on November 1943.
He was buried at sea from the USS Doyen.
Photographs courtesy of Randy Clark.

PFC Manuel Menendez (K/3/2nd Marines) was also killed in action at Tarawa on November 20, 1943.
Photograph and uniform from the collection of Connor Darrow.

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