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3 Accounted For

winkley_mf PFC Manley Forrest Winkley
Company B, First Battalion, 2nd Marines
KIA on Betio, Tarawa atoll, 20 November 1943
1943. Buried Betio Cemetery 25.
1946. Remains overlooked by 604th QMGRC.
2012. Cemetery site located by History Flight.
2013. Remains turned over to JPAC officials. Identified 2 April; accounted for 1 June.
Final Disposition:
Indiana Veterans Memorial Cemetery
DPAA News Release (21 August 2013)
“The Search for the Lost Marines of Tarawa” – Wil S. Hylton, New York Times

H. Sedric WhiteThomas L. Meek Captain Henry Sedric White
Staff Sergeant Thomas Leroy Meek
VMSB-141; pilot (White) and gunner (Meek) in SBD-4 #06969
Lost in aircraft crash on Mavea Island, 21 July 1943.
Crash site located in 1943; remains located and buried on Espiritu Santo.
US Army team investigated in 1947; no remains reported.
JPAC team investigated in 2012; recovered remains and additional evidence. Official (group) identification announced 18 October, 2013.
Final Disposition:
Group burial at Arlington National Cemetery.
DPMO News Release (White, Meek)

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