Accounted For

The following individuals have been officially “accounted for”
since this site was founded in December 2011.

Thanks to the tireless efforts of field teams and lab technicians,
researchers and nonprofit groups,
and families, friends, and comrades who never gave up hope,
this list will continue to grow.
Check the DPAA’s “Recently Accounted For” list
Note: Because of delays between identification date and public release of information, entries on this list may appear out of chronological order.

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1 Accounted For
last updated 6 April 2020


Sergeant Donald Deloy Stoddard
Company B, First Battalion, 6th Marines
Killed in action at Betio, Tarawa atoll, 23 November 1943.
1943. Buried “Grave 18, Row D, East Division Cemetery.”
2019. Burial site located by History Flight.
2020. Accounted for on 16 March.
Final Disposition:
Burial information pending wishes of next of kin.
DPAA Announcement (6 January 2020)

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