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Since 2011, MissingMarines has provided research support to veterans, families of the missing, recovery organizations, and interested individuals from around the world. (And we welcome additions, corrections, and collaborations, too.)

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  1. Hi Geoffrey
    I do a lot of research for POW/MIA’s from Vietnam with some success. A friend of mine, Bob McCarley, called the other night looking for help locating a Marine MIA from 27 Sep 42. After an hour of research I came up with a possible action where he was lost, Hill 84 Point Cruz, Your site clinched this assumption his name was Lloyd Emmet Ward. His family has heard nothing about his situation since receiving the original telegram in 1942. His sister is 84 years old and told Bob that she would like to know at least where he was when he went missing before she dies. Any information you can provide on oral histories that might mention how he died exactly or any other information would be very helpful. Icing on the cake so to speak.
    Thanks for all your efforts.
    Bob Wheeler

  2. Hello,

    The sister of Lloyd Emmet Ward should contact their local congressman or congresswoman and have them request the Official Military Records and the Individual Deceased Personnel File of Lloyd Emmet Ward. There is valuable information in these files which will help answer some of the family’s questions. These records will list the last known individuals who saw him alive and where.

    This service is provided at no charge and the congressman’s office will expedite the process to obtain these records.



    1. Thank you George, I will relay the info. Bob

  3. I am trying to find out about my Uncle ARTHUR MILTON JACKSON. He was born in either March or April 1913. Before my Mamma died she told me that he was a fighter pilot and that his plane went down in the Indian Ocean during WWII in 1944, probably around October. No body seems to want to help me in this. He was my Mamma’s baby brother and I made a promise to her before she died in 2006 at the age of 96 that I would find out what happened to him and why his parents, my grandparents were never given a flag, etc. When I asked a place in D.C. they told me that he is listed as MIA. If they listed him as MIA then why did they tell my grandparents and my Mamma that he had been killed. I was kind of hoping that they made an extra set of dog tags that I could have so that we have something to show for him giving his life for his country.He was my grandparents ONLY son. He would have been 31 when he died. Is there any way you can help me. I never got to meet him, because I was born 13 years after he died. My Mamma would have been 104 on 10/11/14, so he would have been 101 this year, 2014. We had a very close family so there was no way that he wouldn’t have contacted his family. I wrote to my Senator Alexander, but they sent me a form wanting his SS# and stuff that I wouldn’t even know. Can you help me?

    Thank you

      1. Hi TF – this is the same man. We were able to locate Sergeant Jackson’s missing air crew report. He was aboard B-17F 42-30379 when it disappeared in the Mediterranean, and never recovered.

  4. Found this site today. I will copy and send you a photo of my uncle, Cpl. William Ray Profit, who was lost on 6 Sept 1942 at Gizo Bay.

    Very Nice Site.
    Charles S. Pipes
    MSgt. USMC Ret.

  5. CPL Murray Morris Weinberg
    Company “I”, Third Battalion, Twenty Second Marines
    Died 1968

    Anywhere I can go to get info on battle history? commanders?

    1. Hi Ricky,

      If you have access to, I would suggest starting there. Corporal Weinberg appears on muster rolls from 1941–1947 with a variety of different units including defenses on Samoa, the Marine infantry company I/3/22 (with which he was serving when WIA on Guam on 23 July 1944), and a few different Stateside units from hospitals to garrison posts until his discharge.

      You might also be interested in getting Cpl. Weinberg’s service record, either directly from the National Archives or using a third-party service (I recommend Golden Arrow Research). This will help you track his movements through the war much more precisely.

      Golden Arrow also offers a service to order copies of original reports from specific units; there aren’t any guarantees that Cpl. Weinberg will be mentioned by name, but that’s probably the closest level of detail you could get for, say, a daily history of I/3/22. I’d suggest getting his service record first and then choosing which units to investigate from there.

      Hope this has been helpful. If you have any other questions or need some more info to get his records, shoot me an email at


  6. Texas USMC MIA accounted for 2016

  7. Yes, Arthur M.(Milton) Jackson was my Uncle, my Mother’s only brother and the youngest of his family. No body knew of whatever happened to him, other than my Mother use to tell me that his plane went down in the Mediterranean Sea and that is all that they were told. Nothing else. She was next to youngest and they were very close and she made me promise her before she died 11 years ago that I would find out what happened to him. The details. She only had few baby pictures of him and a couple that my Dad took before he went off to war and one of him in his uniform. Other than that I don’t even know what he looked like. He had put their older sister down as next of kin because she was stationed in France and he was stationed in Tunisia, No. Africa. She was a WAC and quite a bit older than him. He was a bomber.

  8. Regarding Private First Class Ray James from Sylvarena, MS; I am his great nephew and we’re planning his funeral as he’s been identified and will be returning to MS in September. I am attempting to find the photo you display of Ray in his dress uniform. We apparently lost the photo my grandmother had and would like to have another copy. Sadly the one you display is not high enough resolution. We’d like to have this photo to display at his funeral. Any suggestions?

  9. Hi Geoffrey,
    I have a tag with a name of Earl. M. Taylor found by my mother in the Solomon Islands. Would mean a world to her to return to his family.

    1. Thanks TF! I’ll add them to the recovered page. The progress made with the NMCP unknowns has been really heartening lately.

    1. Thanks TF! Corpsman William H. Blancheri (2/2nd Marines, MIA from Tarawa) just got identified as well. It’s been a good couple of days.

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