IDENTIFIED: Staff Sergeant Richard J. Murphy

Great news from Ted Darcy and the WFI Research Group.

Staff Sergeant Richard Murphy, a combat correspondent attached to the 6th Marines, was aboard an amphibious tractor heading for the beaches of Saipan on June 15, 1944. When one of his buddies fell overboard, Murphy went in after him–and neither man was ever seen again.

Murphy was buried on Saipan as Unknown X-15, and remained MIA for decades. Now, thanks to WFI and Kuentai-USA, he has a shot at coming home. Read the full article on here.

WFI has been busy this past year; in partnership with Kuentai-USA, they are announcing the identification of Captain Lester Albert Schade (I/3/4 – as POW in China), Corporal Oscar Eli Koskela (HQ/1/29 – of wounds on Saipan) and PFC Robert George Thompson (C/1/24 – on Saipan). The Thompson announcement is particularly welcome to the webmaster, as it was one of three cases that helped launch this website. Read the WFI press release here, and if you can, consider donating to WFI or Kuentai-USA so they can continue setting an example for the rest of us.

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