Reporting For Duty

It has been a bit slow here at MissingMarines these past many months.

There are a few old followers who remember what’s up, a few new followers who don’t realize the difference, and a few middle-of-the-road followers who are thinking “Man, this site used to update pretty regularly, and I sent in some photos and nothing happened, so what’s the deal?”

Well, the deal is this: I have been studying to be a Real, Acknowledged Historian. And somehow, according to a rigorous set of standards, I seem to have succeeded.

Let's not talk about student loans for a bit, shall we?
Let’s not talk about student loans for a bit, okay?

At any rate, this is very exciting as it means I can return to this topic, close to my heart, with a greater degree of understanding.

There are some updates to come; in particular some photos kindly contributed by families, which will be posted soon.

Hiatus over. MissingMarines is back in action.

2 Replies to “Reporting For Duty”

  1. Congratulations on your achievement. I think that it is really great that your have achieved this.

  2. Congratulations. I know how hard you must have worked for this and it is fantastic to know you’ll keep the site going!

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