“Sandy” Bonnyman Found On Tarawa

Daniel Lipscomb provides this news item from Knoxville, Tennessee. History Flight is reporting the discovery of 1Lt. Alexander “Sandy” Bonnyman Jr., Medal of Honor winner, in a mass grave on the island of Betio–along with two dozen other Marines.

Read the article: Remains of East TN Marine killed in WWII found on Pacific island

Clay Bonnyman Evans, the grandson of Lieutenant Bonnyman, has been working to locate this grave for years, and has described some of his experiences on Betio here.

While DNA testing will provide the final say, Mr. Evans is assured that the remains of his grandfather have at last been found. According to the article, a more detailed report is expected in the next few days.

Here’s hoping that Sandy Bonnyman, and the rest of the men just found, are quickly identified and returned to their families.

3 Replies to ““Sandy” Bonnyman Found On Tarawa”

  1. That is wonderful news. Maybe with the othersour family members may be identified also. Pfc John William Holm, and sgt. Walter Sutherland.

  2. The utter massacre of our Marines on Tarawa deserves a constant search for these men. I am confident that the finding of Lt. Evans will lead to others coming home.

  3. Sorry Mr. Newhouse, but PFC Holm will not be one of this group to be identified. We know where he is. And, it is not likely that SGT Sutherland will be in this group either as we have a great deal of information on his case as well. For more information, contact us at http://www.ChiefRickStone.com

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