A Face from December 7


This is Crawford Edward Scott, age twenty, from Kansas City, Missouri.

He enlisted in the Marine Corps on October 11, 1940 and, after completing boot camp and Sea School, was assigned to the Marine Detachment of the USS Arizona the following January. He was on duty when the Japanese attacked his battleship on the morning of December 7, 1941.

Only fourteen of the Arizona’s Marine Detachment survived Pearl Harbor. PFC Crawford Scott was not among them. He went down with the ship, where he remains to this day, along with hundreds of his shipmates and those fellow Marines whose names are linked after the jump.

(Marines recovered and buried are noted in italics.)

Lieutenant Colonel
Daniel R. Fox

Second Lieutenant
Carleton E. Simensen

Master Gunnery Sergeant
Walter E. Holzworth

First Sergeant
John E. Duveene

Joseph Baraga
Charles W. Cole
Dexter W. Fincher

David W. Bartlett
Burnis L. Bond
Edwin C. Borusky
Frederick E. DeLong
Donald D. Jerrison
James F. McCarrens
Alexander L. Piasecki

Field Cook
Stanley S. Swiontek

Field Music Corporal
Jack B. Sniff

Privates First Class
George R. Bailey
Everett R. Belt, Jr.
Herbert A. Dreesbach
Russell Durio
Robert C. Erskine
Woodrow W. Finley
Donald E. Fleetwood
Lawrence J. Griffin
William D. Harmon
Robert C. Hudnall
Donald S. Hultman
Leslie C. Hux
Quincy E. Jones
James A. Krahn
James E. Lindsay
William J. Lovshin
Richard J. Minear, Jr.
Francis C. Mostek
Henry E. Nolatubby
Joseph B. O’Brien
Clarence R. Patterson, Jr.
Jack S. Powell
William J. Schneider
Crawford E. Scott
George H. Scott
Gordon E. Shive
Frank J. Stevenson
Richard P. Stovall
Carl E. Webb
Gilbert H. Whisler
Robert E. Windle

Assistant Cook
Allen B. Fincher

Leo D. Amundson
John C. Atchison
Freddie Beaton
James T. Black
Eugene Brickley
Donald R. Chandler
Virgil D. Davis
James B. Dawson
Robert W. Dunnam
David D. Evans
Kent B. Fitzgerald
Paul E. Herrick
Harold W. Hope
Robert G. Huff
Marvin A. Hughes
Henry Kalinowski
Billy M. Keen
Francis J. Pedrotti
Abner F. Power
Rudolph H. Reinhold
Theodore S. Szabo
Bernard A. Weier
Robert J. Windish
Russell D. Wittenberg

Field Music
Don E. Hamel

4 Replies to “A Face from December 7”

  1. My uncle Gordon Shive’s body was recovered and he is buried in The Punchbowl.

    1. Hello Gaye, My husband Malcolm Lambert is a distant cousin of Robert Charles Erskine.
      Malcolm’s grandfather was brother to Anna Lambert (maiden name) who was Robert Charles’
      Grandmother. We are seeking information on the family. We have other information on the Lambert geneology that we will be happy to share. Looking forward to hearing from you..
      Malcolm & Mary Lambert

    2. I am an amateur genealogist, who lost my cousin Victor Jeans on the Arizona. As a tribute to him, and others, I have been trying to add them into the genealogy tree at http://www.geni.com, a cloud based research service.

      PFC Erskine was one of the people I could find virtually no information on. Only this:



      If you have some information on his parentage that you are willing to share, I would like to add him to the database for the Arizona, and tie him into the Big Tree.

      This is his present entry, although I don’t know if you will be able to view it. Geni is a membership to which I subscribe.


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