Accounted For: Jack B. Van Zandt

Today, the DPAA announced that PFC Jack Benson Van Zandt, of Danville, Illionis has been accounted for. Read their press release here.

The Indianapolis News, 29 December 1943.

Jack was born in Rossville, Illinois on 8 October 1921. He grew up and attended school in Danville; following his graduation, the young man moved to Indianapolis to work for the Eli Lilly pharmaceutical company.

Following his enlistment in May of 1942, Van Zandt was assigned to Company A, 6th Marines. He fought with them in the closing weeks of the Guadalcanal campaign, and then on Tarawa.

PFC Van Zandt lost his life to gunshot wounds at 1030 hours, 22 November 1943. He was buried in a mass grave on Betio, Tarawa atoll, and lay there undiscovered until early 2019. A History Flight expedition uncovered “Row D” and brought the remains back to the United States for laboratory analysis. Of approximately thirty remains recovered, Jack Van Zandt is the fifth to be identified.

Welcome home, PFC Van Zandt. Semper Fi.

We are actively seeking information for PFC Van Zandt’s profile page.

Are you a family member or former comrade of this Marine? Do you have stories or photos to share? Please contact MissingMarines and help us tell his story.

2 Replies to “Accounted For: Jack B. Van Zandt”

  1. He will be remembered.
    (slowly but surely I’ve been getting the men on my Farewell Salutes, to help others to remember.)

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