Names & Faces

Marines Archie Shelton and Robert J. Brown at Cavite Navy Yard, 1941.
Brown was killed in action on Bataan in 1942; his remains were never found after the war.
Shelton was captured on Corregidor and died in a Tokyo POW camp in 1945.
Photograph courtesy of Andrew Brown.
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Group Able
95 Names
(Aasvik – Ayres)
Group Baker
305 Names
(Babcock – Byrum)
Group Charlie
216 Names
(Cahill – Czarnecki)
Group Dog
121 Names
(Dabbs – Dzama)
Group Easy
51 Names
(Eacobacci – Ewing)
Group Fox
97 Names
(Facchiano – Furbush)
Group George
152 Names
(Gabaccia – Guzda)
Group How
259 Names
(Hackett – Hyatt)
Group Item
7 Names
(Ianuzzo – Ives)
Group Jig
70 Names
(Jackson – Juszkowski)
Group King
141 Names
(Kachele – Kuykendall)
Group Love
143 Names
(Lacey – Lyttle)
Group Mike
311 Names
(Maassen – Myrick)
Group Nan
54 Names
(Naffe – Nuzum)
Group Oboe
34 Names
(O’Boyle – Owens)
Group Peter
163 Names
(Pace – Pyzak)
Group Queen
6 Names
(Quarternik – Quinn)
Group Roger
159 Names
(Rader – Rygh)
Group Sugar
313 Names
(Saastad – Szczepanski)
Group Tare
94 Names
(Tarant – Tyma)
Group Uncle
5 Names
(Uhal – Urbom)
Group Victor
46 Names
(Vaccarezza – Vosmer)
Group William
182 Names
(Wade – Wynne)
Group X-Ray
0 Names
Group Yoke
19 Names
(Yadon – Young)
Group Zebra
13 Names
(Zanuzoski – Zurawski)

15 Replies to “Names & Faces”

  1. I remember the day when John F Prince (USMC) was posted as KIA in the Long Island Press, our local newspaper. What I did not know was that he was classified as missing and never received a proper burial. Thank you for the update some 70 years later.

    1. Hi Don – I’m sorry, but I haven’t located a picture of Gunnery Sergeant McNair yet. If and when I do, I’ll be sure to send along a copy.
      If you like, I can help you get his service record from the National Archives – that should include at least one photograph.


  2. My father was USMC and served on Tarawa, Guadalcanal, and Saipan, where he was wounded. I have scanned and posted several photographs of the 1st Battallion, 6th Marines from my father’s collection on a site: that is hosted by Mr. Jim Hildebrand. I don’t know anyone who knows more about Tarawa than Mr. Hildebrand. He was a wealth of knowledge for me about my father’s role. Although he was very proud of his accomplishments during his service, many Marines didn’t say much about what they experienced once they returned. The photographs and his service medals were his legacies.

  3. How can I request info and picture of Robert Calvin Smith from your foundation. I am inquiring for his neice who has no computer skills. He was recently discovered and is (I think) on his way to Knoxville, tn (his home). I have very little info but did find him in your info. Please let me know what I can do for this lady and her family.
    Ed Simpson (former USMC – Vietnam)

  4. Do you have a picture of CPL Jack B Sniff. He was my great uncle .

    1. Hi Karen,

      You can find a photo of Cpl. Sniff, as well as a short obituary, on his memorial.

      The “S” surname page is the last one I have to finish up – working on it now. Once it’s complete, Cpl. Sniff’s picture will be there, too.


  5. I am looking for ANYONE who knew or served under gunnery
    Sgt. SAMUEL L LOWE, drill instructor 0369, from Kenova W.V. Service number USMC 2233643. He was stationed at Parris Island N.C. 3 rd Marine Division.He went missing on July 23 1976 on his way to Okinawa, Japan. He never arrived. His last known whereabouts was in San Bernardino Cal. at the Civic Center Hotel on July 22 1976. He was to take flight F-277 on July 23 1976 from Norton AFB. Enroute to 3DMARDIV when he failed to report. I am his widow Beverly Ann Cole / Lowe. I am in Conneaut Ohio.I am also on FACEBOOK.

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